Vacation home in Finland – A dream of nature vacation

Finland – the land of snow-covered forests, thousand lakes and colorful northern lights. A vacation in Finland allows you to explore some of the most remote and natural landscapes in Europe. With your own vacation home, such a vacation becomes even more special.

Here you can book a vacation home in Finland:

What makes Finland ideal for a vacation home vacation?

Finland is home to diverse and vast natural landscapes. The coastal plains of southern Finland, the Finnish Lake District or the deep, snow-covered forests of Finnish Lapland each offer impressive scenery. In addition, the country has Helsinki and Turku cities worth seeing, where tradition and modernity merge with each other.

Snowy forest in Finland
Like in a fairy tale: this is how you imagine nature in Finland.

A vacation in a vacation home offers various advantages over a package vacation in a hotel. Vacation homes allow a higher degree of individuality during the vacation. You are not bound to the fixed hours of a hotel. At a vacation home there is neither reception nor fixed buffet times.

Instead, you can follow your own schedule. This increased flexibility ensures that there is no stress during the vacation. Because Finland has many beautiful landscapes and sights are sometimes far apart, your own vacation home can serve as a starting point for tours through the country. If you discover a particularly beautiful place on a day trip, you can stay there longer without hesitation.

Cottage in the forest

In addition, many vacation homes are located away from the more densely built-up cities and noisy tourist strongholds. This allows to experience the seclusion and silence of Finnish nature in a more intense way. Hiking and biking tours can start in many places directly from your own vacation accommodation. At the same time, a vacation home offers a higher level of privacy. There are no noisy room neighbors, nor do you have to consider the sensitivities of other guests.

Which regions are particularly recommended for vacation homes?

An ideal region for a vacation in a cottage is the Finnish lake district. Between dense forests and deep bogs, the landscape in the center of Finland is home to over 42,000 lakes. A particularly immersive experience is provided by the vacation homes on the many islands, in the middle of the lakes. The region is perfect for exploring on foot, by bike or by water.

Finnish Lake District
Perfect also for anglers: the Finnish Lake District is ideal for a quiet fishing trip.

For a vacation by the sea, the archipelago region near the city of Turku is a good choice. The countless archipelagos – small, forested islands – have a combined coastline of over 40,000 km. They offer a similar sense of seclusion as the islands of the Lake District. The Finnish coast invites to extensive boat trips. In addition, Turku and Helsinki, two of the most important cities in Finland, can be reached within a short time.

Helsinki is suitable for an extensive day trip. Finland’s capital is surrounded by the sea and is home to numerous green spaces. Among the most popular attractions are

  • the rock church
  • the Helsinki Cathedral and
  • the fortress island of Suomenlinna.

Turku, on the other hand, is the oldest city in Finland and the center of Finnish festivities at Christmas time.

For holidaymakers who place particular value on seclusion, a vacation home in the deep forests of Lapland is suitable. When the pines and spruces groan under the weight of snow in winter and the northern lights illuminate the long nights, a unique atmosphere awaits vacationers there. Hikes and sleigh rides through the winter landscape as well as 13 ski resorts with excellent slopes provide variety.

Landscape Lapland

Vacation home in Finland: Also possible with child and dog?

Many cottages allow vacation with children and pets. In this respect, a vacation home offers various advantages over a hotel. In a vacation home, the little ones have plenty of space to play. Unlike a cramped hotel room, the kids don’t have to hold back either. There are no neighbors who complain about the noise. The little ones can also let off steam in the evening.

Because many hotels do not allow bringing pets, vacation homes are suitable for families with dogs. If necessary, a house with its own garden offers additional space for the four-legged friends. Whether a pet can be brought along, however, ultimately depends on the respective provider of the vacation home and should be clarified in advance if necessary.

What costs should be expected?

Small cottages can be rented from 300 EUR per week. These are mostly wooden huts with a size between 25 and 50 m². Larger houses with up to 80 m² including better equipment are available for 400 to 600 EUR per week. For this price, some cottages also offer their own sauna. Large vacation homes for a larger number of people or more luxurious vacation villas can cost over 1000 EUR a week.

Many cottages additionally offer rental of bicycles and boats. These can be added on request and must be paid extra. Meals and travel are not included in the above prices.

When is the best time to travel?

Aurora over Finland

Which is the best time to travel depends on what kind of vacation you have in mind. The Finnish winter is long and cold. It is accompanied by large amounts of snowfall and frozen lakes. If you want to travel to Finland mainly for the white winter landscape, it is best to do so from December. If you want to see the northern lights, you should visit Lapland between December and March.

If there is a desire to travel Finland in warm temperatures, it is necessary to distinguish between southern Finland and the north. The Finnish coast as well as the larger cities including Helsinki are best visited between May and September. During this time, temperatures climb up to 20 degrees and there are up to 9 hours of sunshine daily. However, the Finnish summer is considered relatively rainy, so occasional showers must always be planned for.

In the north of Finland, temperatures do not rise above an average of 18 degrees even during the short summer. These spring-like temperatures prevail there only between June and July.

How far in advance is it best to book a vacation home?

In Finland there is a wide choice of vacation homes. How early and to what extent they are booked depends on the location and the equipment. The coastal region, the lake district and the ski resorts of Lapland are the most popular destinations. The vacation homes there are usually booked up faster than elsewhere. Larger tour groups in particular should try to book several months in advance, as the supply of larger cabins in a given region can be limited.

Those planning a vacation in the summer still have a wide choice of free dates in the spring in the vacation home of choice. Bookings a few weeks in advance are possible. However, the choice at this stage is usually limited. If there is a desire for a bicycle or boat tour, the appropriate vehicles must be booked as early as possible.

Everything important about the vacation

Finland is part of the Schengen area, so a visa is not required for a stay of less than three months. However, upon request, you should be able to show an identity card or passport.

The Finnish currency is the euro. Credit card payment is widely used. Food costs are noticeably higher than in Germany, especially for fruit and vegetables. Alcohol is also significantly more expensive.

During the winter you should provide enough warm clothes. Temperatures can drop as low as – 40 degrees in the north. Due to the rainy Finnish summer, it is advisable to take an umbrella or rainwear on longer excursions. Because especially the Finnish lake areas are plagued by a large mosquito plague in the summer, you should stock up on sufficient antidotes when vacationing in this region.

If you plan to travel longer distances by car in winter, you should have a shovel, snow chains, tow rope, jumper cables and several blankets with you. In the event of an accident, free outpatient care is provided. For visits to the doctor, the European Health Insurance Card should be taken.

EU citizens are allowed to import goods duty-free for personal use as long as certain limits are not exceeded. If you want to take a dog with you on vacation, you need an EU pet passport for it. Furthermore, the animal must be dewormed one month before the trip. There is chip obligation.

The best way to travel to Finland

The fastest way to get there is by plane. Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport can be reached by plane from Germany within two to three hours. For a vacation in the north of Finland the airport Tampere offers. There are 27 domestic airports that can be reached from Helsinki. Each airport has its own shuttle buses, which can be used for further travel.

Travel within Finland can be managed very well by train. The routes between the individual metropolitan areas are well developed. On the way, the journey leads mostly through extensive natural landscapes and allows partly spectacular views. Alternatively, rental cars are an option. Car rental agencies can be found in every major municipality. The Finnish road network is well developed and allows access to more remote accommodation.

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