Lahti in Finland

City view over Lahti, Finland
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Lahti is the eighth largest city in Finland and inspires with numerous sights. Nature lovers will also get their money’s worth here.


  • Population: 119,984 (as of 31.12.2021)
  • Size: 519,21km²
  • Location: 100 kilometers north of Helsinki in the Päijät-Häme landscape; 60° 58′ N, 25° 40′ E
  • Currency: Euro
  • Costs: approx. 25% higher than in Germany
  • Weather:
MonthAverage temperature
January-10°C to -4°C
February-10°C to -4°C
March-6°C to 1°C
April-1°C to 8°C
May5°C to 15°C
June9°C to 19°C
July12°C to 22°C
August10°C to 20°C
September6°C to 14°C
October2°C to 7°C
November-3°C to 1°C
December-8°C to -2°C
  • Drinking water quality: high

History of Lahti

Lahti did not receive its city charter until 1905, although it was mentioned as early as 1443. In the 20th century, the city grew rapidly due to the construction of the railroad from Helsinki to St. Petersburg and the settlement of refugees during the Winter War.

The Lahti Ski Games have been held in Lahti since 1923 and enjoy great fame.

Until 1993, Lahti was the site of the Lahti longwave radio station.

In 2016, Nastola became part of Lahti, greatly increasing the area of the city.

Top 10 activities and sights

Lahti has a lot to offer. Whether you want to do sports or get to know the culture and history of the area, you will find what you are looking for here.

The 3 best museums

There are numerous museums in Lahti dealing with a wide variety of topics. Three of these museums stand out in particular.

Radio and Television Museum – Mastola

The Lahti Radio and Television Museum is located by the 150-meter-high radio masts, which are considered a landmark of Lahti.

You can look at old television sets and radios in the museum and learn about the history of radio and television activities.

For more information, visit Radio- ja tv-museo Mastola (

Lahti Ski Museum – Hiihtomuseo

At the Ski Museum in Lahti, visitors learn all about the history of skiing in the north. Admission is free for children.

The museum has a “ski jump simulator” and offers the possibility to try laser biathlon and many other activities.

For more information, see Hiihtomuseo.

Finnish Motorcycle Museum – Suomen Moottoripyörämuseo

The Motorcycle Museum in Lahti is the only museum of its kind in Finland. Over 100 exhibits can be admired here.

The exhibitions change annually and there is a restaurant in the museum where you can enjoy snacks or burgers.

You can find out more at Museum in english | Moottoripyörämuseo (

Top 7 Places for Sports & Entertainment

Even if you want action, Lahti is the place to be. There is no lack of sports facilities and entertainment.

Lahti Sports Center – Lahden Urheilukeskus

Lahti Sports Center is a sports facility that offers a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. Mountain biking, martial arts and skiing are just a few of the sports you can enjoy here.

View of the Lathi Sports Center
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DiscGolfPark – Mukkula

Disc golf is a popular sport in Finland. In Mukkula DiscGolfPark you can get to know the sport and of course try it out.

You can find 22 baskets to play with.

Disc golf in Finland
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Möysän Musaklubi – Mössö

Möysän Musaklubi hosts concerts and private events. It is located 650 meters from the train station.

In 2017, the club was awarded the silver medal at the SuomiRock Gala for its cultural work.

Escaperooms Lahti – Pakohuonepeli

Escaperooms in Lahti offers four different rooms. You are locked in one of the rooms and have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and escape from the room. Logical thinking, alertness and teamwork are required here.

Adrenaline junkies and puzzle lovers should not miss this experience at all.

Reservation can be made at Escaperooms bay :: LahtiEscape. (The site is only available in Finnish).

Virtual Realtiy Arcade – Kvantti

Kvantti is Lahti’s first VR arcade. Over 30 different games are offered and up to three people can play at the same time.

For one hour you pay 30 euros. Students and children under 12 pay 25 euros for one hour. But there is also a group offer, which is especially recommended for birthdays and bachelor parties.

You can book an appointment at Quantum – Virtual Reality Arcade ( (The page is only available in Finnish).

Bowling alley – Lahden Hohtokeila

This bowling alley in Lahti is something very special. Here you have the possibility to play “Glow-Bowling” . It is also possible to rent the whole hall.

You can book an appointment at Lahti Glow Bowling ( (The page is only available in Finnish).

Sibelius Hall – Sibeliustalo

Sibelius Hall in Lahti is a concert and congress hall. It is located by the lake Vesijärvi.

The hall is known for its impressive architecture and house tours are also offered in Finnish and in English.

For more information about Sibelius Hall, see Frontpage – Sibeliustalo.

Mobility in Lahti

Anyone traveling to Lahti will naturally want to know how to get around. In Lahti, this is achieved mainly by buses and the trains. But there are other alternatives.

Bus and train

There are many different destinations from the train station in Lahti and buses make it easy to get around within the city.

If you want to know about the routes of the trains, you can find everything about it at Lahti railway station – VR.

Lahti train station
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There is also the possibility of using an e-scooter in Lahti. The TIER e-scooters are easy to use with the Whim app and more details on how to operate the scooters can be found at Using TIER e-scooters in Finland – Service and Support (

E-Scooter in Lahti
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In and around Lahti there are numerous cab companies that you can use. Some of them are the following:

Contact: 0601 100 01

Contact: 0600 555 805

  • Petax Taksit(Petax Taksit Lahti – Lahden Taksi | Petax Lahti)

Contact: 029 1700 248

Own car or rental car

It is easy to get around Lahti by car. If you don’t have your own car, you can rent one in Lahti. Some companies located in Lahti are the following:

Vacation rentals in Lahti

Finding a vacation accommodation in Lahti is a bit more difficult than in other places. The number of apartments and hotels is limited and the prices are mostly rather high. Nevertheless, it is possible to find a nice hotel room or vacation apartment.

If you don’t find what you are looking for in Lahti, it is recommended to look for accommodation in the next larger towns, Kouvola and Hämeenlinna , to look for.

Restaurants, cafes and bars

There is no shortage of restaurants, cafes and bars in Lahti. Some of them particularly stand out and are definitely worth a visit.

Viikinkiravintola Harald

The “Viking Restaurant” Harald can be found at seven other locations in Finland, in addition to Lahti.

Scandinavian dishes are served in the restaurant. Lactose-free and vegan dishes can also be found on the menu.

The restaurant is fully furnished and decorated in Viking style, and guests can wear a Viking helmet while dining to make the experience as realistic as possible.

If you would like to reserve a table or are looking for more information, you will find it here: Restaurant Harald | Viikinkiravintola Harald.

Ace Café Lahti

The Ace Café in Lahti is the first Ace Café outside London. You can enjoy burgers and salads here. What makes Ace Café’s burgers so special are the black burger buns.

You can also order lactose-free and gluten-free dishes.

Ace Café Lahti is located in the Finnish Motorcycle Museum.

If you want to know more, you can find everything at Ace_en | Ace Cafe Lahti.

Taivaanranta Lahti

In this restaurant impresses not only the food, but also the extraordinary decoration. The walls are largely covered with wooden barrels and the stone arches provide a very special flair.

The dishes are prepared with local ingredients and there are also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan dishes.

For more information, visit Taivaanranta > fi > home page. (The site is only available in Finnish).

Tripla Bar

At Tripla Bar in Lahti, guests can expect live music, dancing and karaoke. Board games, billiards and table soccer are also available for guests. Fun is guaranteed here!

Happy hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the morning and 4 to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

To learn more, visit (The site is only available in Finnish).

Supply in Lahti

If you want to go shopping in Lahti, you should visit Syke shopping center, Valo shopping center, Maili shopping center or Karisma shopping center.

Grocery stores can be found almost everywhere in Lahti.

If you need medical care, you can get it at Terveystalo Lahti and you can also find pharmacies in the city. These include, for example, the Yliopiston Apteekki, the Ilves Apteekki, the Lahden Keskusapteekki and the Lahden Helmi Apotek.

Nature in Lahti

Finnish nature is unique and for many travelers the most important reason to visit Finland. You can also experience Finnish nature up close in Lahti.


Finland is the land of a thousand lakes. You can also visit one of the lakes in Lahti, because Lahti is located on the shore of Vesijärvi (in German: “water lake”). Vesijärvi has an area of almost 108 km² and is home to the island “Enonsaari”.

Päijänne National Park – Päijänteen kansallispuisto

Päijänne National Park is a dream for all nature lovers. It consists of numerous islands and lakes and has an area of 14 km². You can watch picturesque sunsets here and explore the waters on a boat.

Aerial view of Päijänne National Park
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Laune Central Park – Launeen keskuspuisto

In Laune Central Park, in addition to two ponds, you can find more than 500 different species of plants.

The park is open all year round and admission is free. Children can play on the spider climbing frame and water playground.

You can find other activities in the park, but you can also just enjoy the beautiful nature.

Port of Lahti

The port of Lahti is located near the city center. You can find there restaurants, cafes and shopping. But the most impressive thing about the port is the view. The view of the water is certainly fascinating for all nature lovers.

Boats in Lahti harbour
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The official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. However, Swedish is spoken by only about 5% of the population.

A large part of the population speaks English, which is why you can get along well with English. However, it is definitely helpful to know a few basics in Finnish.

Bye!Heippa!/Hei hei!/Moi moi!
Thank you!Kiitos!
Please.Ole hyvä!
A coffee, please.Yksi kahvi, kiitos.
Where can I find the toilet?Missä vessa on?
I do not speak Finnish.Minä en puhu suomea.
Can you* say that in German/English?Voitko sanoa sen saksaksi/englanniksi?

* In Finnish we always use the first form of address.


Lahti is the eighth largest city in Finland and accordingly has a lot to offer. There are unique museums, sports facilities, entertainment and restaurants.

Travelers who want to experience Finnish nature will also get their money’s worth in Lahti.

The most frequent questions from travelers

How is “Lahti” pronounced?

“Lahti” is pronounced basically the same as it is spelled. It should be noted, however, that the “h” is pronounced clearly in Finnish, unlike in German.

Is there snow in Lahti in winter?

Yes, there is usually snow in Lahti in winter. But, of course, the amount can always vary.

What is the best way to travel from Germany to Lahti?

The easiest way is probably to fly to Helsinki-Vantaa airport (for example, from Frankfurt International or Berlin-Brandenburg airports) and take a train from Helsinki to Lahti. There are trains directly from the airport in Helsinki to Lahti.

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